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Robo Fizzarolli is a Helluva Boss demon and main attraction in the Loo Loo Land circus.


Fizzarolli has the appearance of a jester with large objects that look like ears on his head, a yellow collar, two yellow eyes, a happy face on one shoulder, and a sad face on the opposite. His outfit has red and black stripes with yellow trim at the bottom along with yellow hearts. In posters and advertisements, he is shown to have a teal and black striped forked tongue.


It has a very fun and upbeat personality due to the fact that it was built precisely to amuse the children of Loo Loo Land. He has a great sense of humor, especially when it comes to making fun of Blitzo and has a great ability to sing, and do clown tricks.


Robo Fizzarolli had been working as an attraction in the Loo Loo Land circus for a long time before Blitzo founded IMP, since together with Blitzo, they were the clowns of the circus although the public preferred him to Fizzarolli especially for his songs and this was mocked Blitzo for his terrible jokes as a clown, until he decided to leave and found IMP.

Once the years passed, Blitzo would accompany Stolas and his daughter Octavia to Loo Loo Land as bodyguards and that is where they meet again so that Fizzarolli after singing along with several animatronics from the circus, reminds Blitzo that he was a terrible Clown, he gets angry and starts shooting but Fizzarolli easily dodges and throws him out of the circus so that he falls on a torch stand that ends up burning the circus tent and the animatronics with Fizzarolli, who is burning, goes towards Blitzo to end their fight as his jester costume burns, revealing metallic skin and a large, creepy red eye on the right side of his face.

Robot Fizzarolli fights for a time against Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie until when he is close to hitting Blitzo, he is saved by Moxxie, who was riding a giant dragon-shaped creature that was able to devour Fizzarolli in one bite and finally being defeated. (Possibly dead).



Robo Fizzarolli and Blitzo used to be co-workers at the Loo Loo Land circus and rivals since while Fizzarolli was the "overrated" (according to Blitzo), he was the clown who told bad jokes. Blitzo has held a grudge against him ever since and Fizzarolli always makes fun of his terrible past as a clown.