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We are not a family, sir. You are the boss, we are the employees.

Moxxie to Blitzo

Moxxie is a main character in Helluva Boss. He works as an employee at I.M.P along with Blitzo, Millie, and Loona.


Moxxie is a red-skinned demon with white freckles on his cheeks. His spiky white hair reaches down to his wavy black and white striped horns. He also has a yellow sclera with what appears not to be his iris. Moxxie has a long thin red tail with a quadrilateral at the end. Moxxie's outfit consists of a black coat with red buttons and white cuffs, black pants, a white shirt with a black turtleneck, a large red bow tie, and fingerless gloves.


Moxxie is easily irritated and quite clumsy, as seen when he stumbled across his ritual book on the way to the world of the living. He has vast knowledge of weapons and is often the most vocal of employees regarding the company as a whole despite his dysfunctional environment, and is bullied as such.

Although he works as a demon hitman, he seems to have a problem with killing unnecessarily beyond his goals, as Moxxie was left distraught believing that he nearly killed an innocent child and later he was comforted in the hospital. He loves the sadistic tendencies and the brutality of his wife, to the point of dedicating a song to her.

Also, Moxxie is quite fond of Millie, as he adores her brutality and enjoys watching her slaughter other demons.


Moxxie married Millie and together they were hired to work at I.M.P. under the direction of Blitzo. However, Moxxie was annoyed that Blitzo did not respect his personal space when he and Millie returned home together. Also, Moxxie noticed that Loona was not taking her job seriously and accidentally killed Eddie, who was the wrong target of a mission and they barely managed to save him. Moxxie was frustrated by the lack of organization they had, until Loona recanted and claimed that Eddie was the target, to which Blitzo decided to shoot him, and Moxxie helped him tear his body to pieces to return Eddie to the Land.



Millie is Moxxie's wife and coworker. The two have a positive relationship, as they are shown cooking together and singing "Oh Millie" to each other and almost kissing before being interrupted by Blitzo.


Blitzo often treats Moxxie as the target for his jokes among his employees. He hardly addresses Moxxie's concerns when they are not focused on his interests, jokes about his sex life and has no respect for his privacy, even going so far as to harass him while he sleeps. Ironically, Blitzo insists that he regards his employees as family, although this was only said to defend Loona in an argument.


Although they are co-workers, it is evident that they do not get along when they are together and he blamed her when he believed he was wrong to murder Eddie, to which Loona recommended "sitting on a penis".


"I'll have a Neapolitan Capuchino more cappa than chino, make sure its got no more than 4 ounces of milk, the beans wont have the right texture otherwise. And make sure they spell my name correctly on the cup, they always put "Foxy" or "Roxy" i hate that. If you cant handle that, ill have a venti traditional misto, please use soy milk, with two blonde shots, Affagato and ristretto. id also love three vanilla pumps at the very bottom, then add the coffee after-"


  • On Moxxie's nightstand in his bedroom is a framed sheet with a domain mask and a rose in the photo that says "PAYBILL." This could be a mistake, as she is supposed to say "PLAYBILL", as masks and roses are common images used for theater.
  • There is a large photograph of what could be Moxxie and Millie's wedding in the meeting room. There, Blitzo drew himself with a red marker to make it look like he was hugging them.
  • Moxxie is likely to be or has been a musician as he knows how to sing and play guitar, he has a music trophy, an alarm clock with a musical note, and the wallpaper in his bedroom and living room has musical notes on it.
  • In Vivziepop's short Holidaze, there is a tree carved with the initials "M + M → B ←" in a heart, which alludes to Moxxie and Millie (and by extension Blitzo). Moxxie was confirmed to be bisexual based on the colors of the bisexual pride flag that appeared next to him in a tweet from Vivziepop's account. [one] When he is angry he can come to see that Moxxie's eyes turn red with black pupils similar to Blitzo's, a scene where that happens is when she finishes singing Oh Millie in the pilot.