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Loona is a character in Helluva Boss. She works for I.M.P as a receptionist. She is Blitzo's adopted daughter.


Due to her height, Loona looks like an adult wolf, but is actually freshly turned 18. She has a snout with pointed teeth and a dark gray nose, red sclera with white irises, white fur with gray spots on the shoulders, and voluminous gray hair combed to the side to reveal her ear. Loona has an eyebrow piercing and a black choker with white spikes. Her gray crop top has star-shaped strings to look like a pentagram. She also wears fingerless gloves and shorts without shoes.


Being cynical and angry, Loona is generally disinterested in the matters that go on around her. She is rude and apathetic towards her colleagues, whom she often insults whenever she has the opportunity to do so. When she's not on the lookout for her phone, she always glares at the next person who stares at her. As a result, Loona is incredibly undisciplined and lacks professional ethics, to the point of having a hangover before work or having sex to the point of contracting a venereal disease.

She is also short-tempered and emotionally troubled, as a simple questioning about eating Moxxie's lunch led her to kick a baby in frustration. She is very apathetic towards the suffering of others, as seen when Millie called her and told her that she had been stabbed, but Loona just hung up on her.


As a child, Loona was adopted by Blitzo, who treated her as if she were his own daughter and gave her the job as a receptionist at IMP, but she spent more time on her cell phone or watching television programs, among which she listened to the song " Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow "by Charlie. Due to this distraction, Loona sent her colleagues to murder Eddie, but later declared that she was wrong, causing Moxxie and Millie to be angry with her. However, Loona once again reviewed the client's messages and retracted her, stating that Eddie was her target, to which Blitzo decided to shoot him, and they sent Eddie in pieces to Earth.




  • Loona is the only I.M.P associate whose species is not an Imp Demon, unlike the rest of the employees.
  • Loona is confirmed to be 22 years old