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Eddie is a human boy who appears in the pilot of Helluva Boss.


Eddie is a chubby little boy of 7-8 with light brown hair.

He wears a blue baseball cap, an orange T-shirt with a Saturn drawing, dark midnight blue pants and shoes, which are the same color and appear to be connected.


Not much was known about Eddie's personality at first, but after listening to I.M.P. Talking about his problems, he shows the false paralysis of him and lunged at them insulting them, using foul language usually not seen by a child, offending Millie, Moxxie and Blitzo.

It seems the rudeness he has learned from his parents.


Eddie was a child who was accidentally shot by Moxxie, who actually wanted to murder a woman. After the Imps rushed Eddie to the ER, the boy was kicked out of the hospital because they didn't have any insurance, so he was transported to Hell. After pretending to be paralyzed from being killed, Eddie stopped pretending after hearing I.M.P. and insulted Blitzo, Moxxie, Millie and Loona for their behaviors. This led to Blitzo calling him a piece of garbage, which Moxxie and Millie agreed with. However, when Loona confirmed that he was the right target all this time, Eddie became scared before Blitzo happily killed him by shooting him with his gun. The Imps then mutilated his body in an act of revenge for his insults and they returned his body in pieces to Earth.


  • Despite his name being Eddie, he was credited as "Bratty Kid" in the Helluva Boss pilot.