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"Well Christ on a stick, I guess there is a god."

- Blitzo

Blitzo is the protagonist of Helluva Boss. He is the founder and manager of I.M.P., an assassination business company that conducts its services in the world of the living.


Blitzo is a very lanky demon with a pointed tail that, on the contrary, a large, pointed head with curly horns. His sclera are yellow with red irises.

Blitzo has crimson fur with white spots covering his right eye and the tip of his tail, black and white striped horns with a small black horn between them, and subtle black markings around his eyes and tail. A heart-shaped skull symbol is located on his forehead. He wears a torn black collared coat with red buttons, black boots, and large black gloves with yellow eyes. Blitzo also has a red skull around his neck.


Focused on the success of his company, Blitzo prides himself on being a professional businessman, although in reality, he has a shortsighted ego that makes him terrible at running a legitimate business. He is often immature, selfish and even disrespectful among his employees; to which none of them find him as serious as a boss and question his flamboyant but poor decision making. On the side of the murderers, he is a murder expert and borderline sadist with his victims. He is perfectly fine with committing the most brutal murders (that is, against children) if there is no fuss about it.

Blitzo has a twisted thought of what a family is when it comes to his work. By comparing his employees to a (dysfunctional) family, Blitzo likens the issues the company faces to family problems that can be solved if everyone works together (but not necessarily respect each other). However, Blitzo occasionally uses the analogy as an excuse to justify his negligent behavior; for example, his justification of Loona's volatile behavior, or when he endlessly harasses Moxxie in public and in private.

He also has a theatrical side, as Blitzo loves music and jingle bells, and keeps posters of him and his family when they attended the circus. Unfortunately, Blitzo's thinking is based on the idea that entertainment is a quick shortcut through corporate promotion, leading him to confuse the two and wasting the company's resources on hype.


Blitzo had two sisters in Hell, Tilla and Barbie Wire, with whom he called "The Amazing Imp Brothers" and was part of a circus, as his father was against his dreams of being in the musical theater. Later, he distanced himself from his family to form a new one, adopting Loona and starting his own assassin business called I.M.P., in which he hired Moxxie and Millie. Also, he slept with Stolas to steal a book that would allow him to go to Earth and thus carry out murders in the world of the living at the request of some demons who sent their targets.

Briefly, Blitzo left Imp City for Pentagram City, where he was part of the main audience who saw Charlie's 666 News interview for the opening of the Hazbin Hotel, which sought to redeem demons by turning them into good people. Ever since he started the show and even as Charlie sang about her project, Blitzo just watched with a smile, possibly he was fascinated by Charlie's musical so everyone would support her; which didn't work, as the audience ended up making fun of her. Blitzo explains the crisis I.M.P.

Some time later, I.M.P. began to go bankrupt, as Blitzo spent the company's money doing unnecessary commercials where he did musicals, thinking that this would attract more clients. Likewise, Moxxie expressed his frustration that Blitzo always observed him and Millie in their home, and blamed Loona for not giving him the correct data during a murder, as he accidentally killed a boy named Eddie, who was revived in the hospital , but they took him to Hell thinking he was still in a coma. However, as they argued over his problems, Eddie revealed that he was alive and insulted them all. Blitzo became upset and, when Loona confirmed that Eddie was the target of the murder, he quickly shot her, reconciled with his employees, and they returned Eddie to Earth in pieces.



Blitzo often treats Moxxie as the target for his jokes among his employees. He hardly addresses Moxxie's concerns when they are not focused on his interests, jokes about his sex life and has no respect for his privacy, even going so far as to harass him while he sleeps. Ironically, Blitzo insists that he regards his employees as family, although this was only said to defend Loona in an argument.


Millie and Blitzo seem to have a nice relationship. Unlike her husband, Millie agrees with some of Blitzo's ideas and laughs when she finds it in his fridge, not thinking that it is a big deal.


Blitzo treats her like his own daughter, although Loona ignores him. He also tries to make her celebrate her "Adoption Day", but she rejects him. However, she smiles at him when he stands up for her.


Blitzo and Stolas had a one night stand. However, Blitzo only slept with him for a book that gave him access to Earth and he still hates it. To Blitzo's chagrin, Stolas has not forgotten the night they had together and calls Blitzo to do favors that his business provides in a flirty way, even resorting to sexual and violent threats, which visibly upsets Blitzo. As time has gone on, their relationship has become more romantic, and Blitzo has been shown to accept it more. However, since their failed date, he seems to have turned away from Stolas again.

Robot Fizzarolli[]

The Robot Fizzarolli and Blitzo used to be co-workers in the Loo Loo Land circus and rivals since while Fizzarolli was the "overrated" (according to Blitzo), he was the clown who told bad jokes. Blitzo has held a grudge against him ever since.


"Hi, I'm Blitzo, the “o” is silent, and I'm the founder of IMP. Are you a piece of shit who sent himself to Hell? Or are you an innocent soul who was screwed by someone else? , since we have services such as access to the world of the living. We can help you to finish with your earrings like eliminating anyone who screwed you when you were alive."


"You know guys? With this company I want to prove that we are capable of doing anything like everyone else, like killing people. So from here at Immediate Murder Professionals we promise to finish your earrings or we will keep your money, and there will be no no refund, and you can leave us your complaint, and we will not care because it is Hell and nobody gives a damn about your opinion."